2015 was FABULABIA!


What better way to send out 2015 than being invited to perform at one of Baltimore’s largest venues on the biggest night of the year: New Year’s Eve at Baltimore Soundstage!

Kay Sera and her Bawdy Shop Burlesque sisters were thrilled to share the stage with the Cris Jacobs Band and Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good for a night to remember!

Soundstage and Union Craft Brewing get BAWDY on New Year's Eve!

Soundstage and Union Craft Brewing got BAWDY on New Year’s Eve!

  • WE DID IT! $50,000 for The Big Reveal! Kay Sera was proud and honored to lead the communications and social media outreach for The Burlesque Hall of Fame‘s largest fundraiser ever, “The Big Reveal!” Launched immediately after announcing a lease deal, the campaign offered a range of perks to help fund the design and construction needed to occupy this new space in the heart of “the 18b,” Las Vegas’s hot new arts district.
Kay Sera helped lead the charge to raise $50K for Burlesque Hall of Fame!

Kay Sera helped lead the charge to raise $50K for Burlesque Hall of Fame!


  • Kay Sera was invited to lead a presentation and performance as part of the Hotel RL Living Stage project. From the sly tease of a feather fan to the hard-core grind on a pole, burlesque and striptease have been part of American culture for over 120 years, and Kay Sera was delighted to share a little about the art’s storied history in Charm City and across the globe. While stripping (PG13). The event was among the series’ most well-attended, and the Q&A with the highly engaged crowd lasted for over 45 minutes!
Kay Sera is Workin' the Tease (photo by Sean Scheidt)

Kay Sera is Workin’ the Tease (photo by Sean Scheidt)


  • When an organization dedicated to wearable arts wants you to wear their art, Kay Sera says YES! Kay was delighted to be part of the ManneqART gala event at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown to support this non-profit event showcasing the best in imaginative Hair, Makeup, Costuming, and Digital Art.
Kay Sera modeled wearable art for ManneqART and Art Soiree

Kay Sera modeled wearable art for ManneqART and Art Soiree

  • Kay Sera was delighted to once again be part of the touring cast of The World Famous Pontani Sisters’s Burlesque-a-Pades! The Halloween Spectacular was a particularly fun combination of  award-winning burlesque, sideshow, variety, comedy and illusion and it was the FIRST burlesque show EVER at the Rams Head Center Stage at Maryland LIVE! casino! Kay joined Raquel ReedHelen PontaniThe Maine Attraction, BHoF Best Boylesque 2014 winner Mr. Gorgeous, Strange Powers, Albert Cadabra and stage kitten, Whiskey Joy from TimeslessTease Productions.


  • Kay Sera returned to her home state and the city of her birth for the 13th Annual New York Burlesque Festival! Four nights of incredible entertainment culminated in the (not so) prestigious “Golden Pastie Awards Show,” where Kay presented her Bawdy Parts to the crowd! Although she didn’t win the (not so) coveted “HUH?” award for the performer most likely to leave audiences wondering what they’d just witnessed (which is almost exactly what Burlesque Beat said of her performance),  Kay Sera was proud to have been nominated for something so serious!
  • Did you know that Toilet Bowl Races are a thing in Baltimore? They sure are! And Kay Sera was PROUD to help pilot the glitter-covered “Stink Flamingo” down the perilous hills of Hampden at this year’s HampdenFest! And if that wasn’t enough fun for the day, Kay and the ladies of Bawdy Shop Burlesque then presented an outdoor variety show with bellydance, fire acts, sideshow and juggling! And THEN we went inside and hosted “The Avenue Meets The Strip: Burlesque After the Fest!” with guests from all the Bawlmer burlesque troupes, including Gilded Lily, TimelessTease and Twisted Knickers!


  • Kay Sera and Bawdy Shop Burlesque revisited Philly Fringe with The Late Nite Cabaret and the incredible glam rock greatness of Creem Circus! Striptease? Check! Go-go to the live glam rock of Creem Circus? You bet! The Black Box at Underground Arts, welcomed the go-go debut of Vaginethea! 
  • Burlesque is coming…for the night is dark, and full of strippers. Kay Sera was delighted to rejoin Blacklist Burlesque in the ONLY Game of Thrones-themed show approved by George R. R. Martin himself! The show nearly SOLD OUT The Ottobar–a record for nerdlesque in Charm City! The City Paper write up shows that they’ve got a Sansa humor about it!
  • Kay Sera joined Gilded Lily Burlesque in Fight the Power, an effort to use burlesque as a platform for social discourse. Kay’s piece, from Bawdy Shop Burlesque‘s Search for the C-Word, brought to life the ubiquitous Baltimore police helicopter and challenged the audience to consider how it feels to have the searchlight trained on you. A portion of ticket sales were donated to the Innocence Project, a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals. 
  • Vader or Kirk? May the Force Be With You or Live Long and Prosper? Kay Sera got her ToS on at the Black Cat for a sold-out battle to the celestial burlesque death and got to share one of her favorites, “Baby Got Shat.” (seen here from the previous STvSW production)

  • “Then I heard about the Glass House, where they weren’t interested if you were pretty and could dance but wanted something spectacular….” Kay Sera was pleased to develop two new acts as part of this visionary production paying tribute to the wonders and horrors and delight and desecration of Katherine Dunn’s novel, Geek Love. (Featured in DC Metro Theater Arts.)


“Bawdy Shop Burlesque amazes, delights, inspires, and raises the damn bar every damn time.”



  • You can take the girl outta Baltimore…and two festivals did! Kay Sera showed off her Bawdy Parts at the Show Me Burlesque Festival in St. Louis (where Bawdy Shop Burlesque troupe-mate Cherie Nuit also performed). With full respect to all the wonderful regional festivals I’ve been part of, I have to say that Show Me is, hands-down, the best overall performer experience I’ve had. The organizers and volunteers clearly work hard to ensure that guests have a great time, that their performances go smoothly and that their stays are fun, entertaining, educational and stress-free. Thank you to a great team!
  • Kay Sera also got to get her Drag-On (and off) at the Virginia Burlesque and Sideshow Festival. A newer event on the scene but run by seasoned pro Madame Onca (also of ABSFest), this will be one to watch grow for sure!


  • $5,000. That’s how much Kay Sera, Bawdy Shop Burlesque and a glittery host of Baltimore and DC burlesque and variety talent raised for The Burlesque Hall of Fame Legends Challenge. Five. Thousand. Dollars. That, ladies and gents, is the single-event record for at least the past two years and, quite possibly, since the inception of the Challenge in 2011 by the late Sparkly Devil.
  • Performing with a live band is, of course, part of burlesque history. Kay Sera was delighted to be asked by The Creative Alliance to perform with world renowned  Michael Mwenso & The Shakes for an entirely improvised evening of jazz done dirty!


  • Beware the ides of March, indeed. For Kay Sera IS gamesome! Kay and the women of Bawdy Shop Burlesque embarked on a new series of burlesque classes at The Creative Alliance. The turnout was impressive, as was the effort put out by the students! The innovative curriculum brought even more students, and helped make the series a City Paper Top Pick–twice!



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