2014: In a Word: WOW! Burlesque in Baltimore and Beyond

December, 2014

  • Nothing says “festive” like fending off the advances of a pale, weird looking dummy. No, not Albert Cadabra–but he is a great part of the Burlesque-a-Pades Holiday Shimmy tour! Kay Sera paid homage to Donald O’Connor in her Baby, It’s Cold Outside routine, featuring special guest, Otto!
Burlesque a Pades

Burlesque a Pades

  • Kay Sera celebrated the holidays–Easter and Labor Day, specifically–at the Twisted Knickers’ Calendar Girls show. Baltimore burlesque audiences enjoyed their very first PeepsShow as well as a special version of Seacrets by Bawdy Shop Burlesque.

November, 2014

  • Barbarellesque. (*drops mic*)
  • Zoinks! Striptease hijinks met mystery mayhem in a specter spectacular of ghostly burlesque glamour! It was a night of spooky, kooky, sexy fun! It was Bawdy Shop Burlesque presents Bawdy Shop of Horrors! TOP PICK for Halloween Weekend in Baltimore by the City Paper and BmoreArt!

October, 2014

  • Halloween came early as Kay Sera debuted a new act, combining Vincent Price’s reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” with Ami Stewart’s disco classic “Knock on Wood.” Because Kay Sera.
  • For the night is dark, and full of rhinestones…. Game of Thrones: Burlesque is Coming! played to a sold-out crowd at The Creative Alliance where Baltimore burlesque’s Kay Sera got her drag-on as Rhaegal. Kay Sera had so much fun, in fact, that she rejoined the tour for its only stop north of the Great Wall (of Mason/Dixon) at Philadelphia’s storied Trocadero Theater.

September, 2014

  • Hot on the heels of the debut of Baltimore burlesque’s newest troupe, Bawdy Shop Burlesque, came the area’s ONLY screening of the burlesque documentary film, EXPOSED! Kay Sera is honored to have brought the film to Baltimore and to partner with her Bawdy Babes to offer a live show before the movie. Kay Sera also worked with several of the film’s stars, including World Famous *BOB*, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, James Habacker and Bambi the Mermaid to secure donations from them of items to include in a raffle. That raffle helped raise more than $200 for the film program at The Creative Alliance!
  • Kay Sera then headed up to Philadelphia for what’s billed as America’s ONLY free burlesque festival, Burlesque n Beyond! Brought to life by the same amazing people behind the award-winning Peek-a-Boo Revue, Kay Sera and the women of Bawdy Shop Burlesque were delighted to bring unique Charm City weirdness to the City of Brotherly Love!

August, 2014

July, 2014

  • “One Pastie to rule them all, One Pastie to find them, One Pastie to bring them all and in the spotlight bind them.” Baltimore burlesque moved to Mordor–also known as DC/VA–for Lord of the Pasties: Return of the Bling and included in the Baltimore Post Examiner‘s summer round-up). Kay Sera really got her “drag on” to debut this new act.
  • Kay Sera celebrated our nation’s independence in exactly the way our forebears intended: With strippers! That fore-baring, right? Angie Pontani‘s Burlesque-a-Pades is always worth the price of admission–and the price of freedom. Which as we all know, is $1.05

June, 2014

  • Kay Sera was thrilled, honored and humbled to be the opening act at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender Movers, Shakers & Innovators” showcase at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas! A unique entertainment event sponsored by the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum in Las Vegas, the Weekender brings together the theatricality of neo-burlesque performance and the charm of classic striptease. Today’s top performers from around the world shimmy and shake along side the legends who made their names during burlesque’s mid-20th century heyday. The Burlesque Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve, celebrate and inspire the art of burlesque.

Kay SeraBurlesque Hall of Fame  apple

And why not follow up a character from the beginning of time with one from the year 41,000? Kay Sera once again directed and was one of the Barbarelli in Barbarellesque, a live action, fully scripted performance that follows the film’s delightfully cheesy plot and dialogue and adds even more sexy silliness with striptease, song and dance! But the Baltimore Post Examiner says it best:  “Any show which features Cherie Sweetbottom, Maria Bella, Sunny Sighed and Kay Sera – all taking turns portraying the undisputed Queen of the Galaxy – is not to be missed.”

May, 2014

Kay Sera’s just got to give herself a pat on the back and say that her new act for Carnivalesque really had a leg-up on others’. Once again joining the delightfully twisted circus of delightfully twisted souls on stage, on the midway and in the cooch tent, Kay Sera ran off to the historic Rex Theat er in Pittsburgh and Baltimore’s Creative Alliance! Read what the Post Examiner said pre and postthe performance in Charm City.

05 02 11 2014 Carnivalesquegroup 10169312_10152215654657737_8587309801418499328_n

It was a very circus-sideshow-type month for Kay Sera as she followed Carnivalesque up with Show Me Burlesque Festival, a three-day St. Louis-based festival dedicated to glitz, glam, breathtaking talent, spectacular productions, and fabulous burlesque, vaudeville, circus, and variety entertainment from every gender and from around the world! Kay Sera was featured at the Friday Night Spectacular at the historic Ivory Theater. 21st Century Burlesque said “Kay Sera amused me beyond belief!”

5 16 14 Show Me poster

April, 2014

The memes you love to hate came to life on the stage of DC’s Black Cat! Viral Videos: YouBoob was a hit and featured more earworms and brain weevils than Tosh2.0 combined (yes, I said that). Kay Sera offered her take on 2013’s most popular viral video, “What Does the Fox Say?”


Counteracting the delightful dumb of that routine, Kay Sera was joined by Dr. Lucky, Maria Bella, GiGi Holliday and Dr Ginger Snapz  at  “Baltimore Undresses Burlesque,” a panel discussion that was part of the MICA Workin’ the Tease program. Moderated by the Post-Examiner’s Tony Hayes, we shared insights and opinions on topics that are shaping the future of the art of burlesque, from feminism and body image to  cultural appropriation and performance-style stratification.

Aaaand back to the delightfully dumb as Kay Sera brought out her springtime favorite, PeepsShow, in honor of Hot Todd Lincoln’s birthday bash at the Bier Baron. A particularly fun and rowdy audience cheered the performers on, including NYC’s inimitable Legs Malone.

Then there was that little thing called opening night of Workin’ the Tease at the Baltimore Lyric Opera House. This was so momentous, Kay’s given it its own page. Or you can read the articles Kay wrote for 21st Century Burlesque and Burlesque Beat.

b the site mainposter

April wrapped up with Kay Sera judging the efforts of the talented contestants at the 2014 Miss Xpose Fitness Competition for pole and chair dance. It’s a tough job, but somebawdy’s gotta do it. What’s with the weird spelling? Why, it’s a tie-in to the launch of Bawdy Shop Burlesque, Baltimore’s newest burlesque troupe!


March, 2014

Kay Sera decided to take it a little easy this month and focused her attention on supporting the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Exhibition Development Seminar’s “Workin’ the Tease” events, starting with a fundraiser, then a workshop, “A Taste of Burlesque with the Pros,” giving an overview of the history of burlesque and teaching about character and act development.

And SURPRISE! A trip to New York City to see the incredible Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser in their unique, sexy and personal “Beauty and the Beast” and share the fun of Jonny Porkpie’s 4oth birthday ended up with Kay Sera making her Slipper Room debut in an impromptu performance of her cake-mauling crowd favorite, “Physical.” Good thing I had a lighter “handy.”

February, 2014

Crabs cakes. Our national anthem. Edgar Allen Poe. Painted screens. Rats. There’s so much to love about Baltimore that one show could bare-ly contain it! “Love Letters to Baltimore” featured Baltimore’s prodigal poisson Paco Fish and Kay brought some hardcore love with Hatchetface and Fifi’s Revenge.

January, 2014

Flim-flam fisticuffs and hot ta-tahs equal a birthday party fit for The King at the fourth annual Elvis’ B irthday Fight Club. Learn the rules of Fight Club in this Baltimore Post-Examiner article.

And then, just to keep things weird, Kay Sera went to the circus; The Schadenfreude Circus, that is, at the Weirdo Show! Seems Kay associates the circus with a menagerie, as she performed as both a fox and a bunny!


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