Minneapolis Burlesque Festival: Dat was a real good time, donchaknow? Opening the Saturday night Glitterama Showcase, Kay Sera was, according to the inimitable Lady Satan, “sultry poultry.” The producers, Elektra Cute and Gina Louise, did an exceptional job curating four nights of performances, and made the first cold nights of the Twin Cities’ fall heat up with talent and fun!

Kay Sera opened Glitterama at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival

Kay Sera opened Glitterama at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival


New York Burlesque Festival: Kay Sera did a hit-and-run at the opening Tease show on the gorgeous stage of The Bell House in Brooklyn with a ridiculous performance that prompted emcee The World Famous *BOB* to say, “I just want to wake up to that every morning.” Year after year, Angie Pontani and Jen Gapay manage to bring together a fantastic array of top-notch performers from around the world!

2016 marked Kay Sera's third appearance at the New York Burlesque Festival

2016 marked Kay Sera’s third appearance at the New York Burlesque Festival

Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival: I’m not a fan of post-event social media bukaki. Every show can’t be, “OMG, guys, best ever!” And it’s not likely that every performance will result in, “Mind. Blown!” To me, that’s lazy and disingenuous, and creates a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” atmosphere where true inspiration is viewed in the same regard as mediocrity. That said, I’m gonna rub one out for the Smoky Mountain Burlesque Fest.

I’m a process-oriented kind of gal. I write out all my choreo in little spreadsheets. My costume bins are all labeled. When something is described to me as being “organic,” I develop an eye twitch.

The producers and volunteers at SMBF had their shit buttoned TIGHT.

Clear instructions and timelines. Personalized materials (branded social media pics, itineraries and schedules). A toll-free number for any and all questions. Pretty much on-demand shuttle service to and from wherever, whenever. A system of shared accountability for stage kittening that was incredible. MIND. BLOWN.

Hats (and pants and bras) off to producers Dustin and John Camp, and Siren Santina; and to the entire staff and volunteers, too. Thank you. You’ve set the sparkly bar pretty damn high! Congratulations, and my sincere thanks for letting me be part of it.

The Daily Beacon did a nice write-up of Saturday’s show, describing my act by saying: ”

“What started out as innocent and slightly humorous took a wild, crazy turn…”

Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival

Kay Sera was featured Friday and Saturday nights at the Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival

League of Exotique Dancers: Kay Sera was honored to coordinate the very FIRST community screening in the U.S. of the documentary film about and starring legends and icons of burlesque, League of Exotique Dancers! Plus, we gave away a free copy of the photo collection “Burlesque,” courtesy of BooktheFilm publishing.

A portion proceeds were donated through Bawdy Shop Burlesque to the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

This provocative documentary gives an eye-opening “backstage tour” of the golden age of Burlesque and the unforgettable women who made it glitter. Our guides are inductees of the Burlesque Hall of Fame, all are titans of tease, and each one possesses a way with words as uninhibited and captivating as her routines. If it comes to a city near you, don’t miss it!



Magna Cum Bawdy. The Bawdy Shop Burlesque student showcase, Magna Cum Bawdy, was an INCREDIBLE success! Every seat in the house was filled with cheering friends, family and fans and the student performers were absolutely delightful.

burlesque poster

A full frontal graduation ceremony

Philadelphia Burlesque Festival:Kay Sera was thrilled to join headliners Sophie Sucre and Jo “Boobs” Weldon at the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival’s Saturday Showcase at Plays & Players Theatre, one of the oldest professional theaters in the United States. These folks really know how to put a show together!


Kay Sera is featured at the Philly Burlesque Festival


The Bawdy Building burlesque class series SOLD OUT! Burlesque builds confidence and empowers us to bring glamour, poise, purpose and oomph into our moves—whether on-stage, in the bedroom or in the board room!

Each class focused on a different element, from basic choreography to classic moves like the bump and grind to developing a striptease persona, we worked to put it all together with a full house of eager strippin’ students!

Bawdy Building burlesque classes at Baltimore's Creative Alliance

Bawdy Building burlesque classes at Baltimore’s Creative Alliance

“Classic burlesque with a modern twirl!” Kay Sera joined NYC burlesque stars Hazel Honeysuckle, Ula Uberbusen and Rosie Cheeks for a burlesque extravaganza straight outta the days of old New York! The Twirly Whirly Burly-Q tour stopped in Charm City and performed for a full Funhouse!

baltimore burlesque poster with Kay Sera

Kay Sera joins the Twirly Whirly BurlyQ tour

“You wear nothing, Kay Sera.” Well, maybe not nothing….Kay Sera got her Drag On and joined Broad St. Burlesque on the main stage at Philadelphia’s historic Trocadero Theatre for Stark Naked: A Burlesque Tribute to A Game of Thrones.



The Wonderland Ball: What a night! 600+ people crowded Baltimore Soundstage for a night of bawdy burlesque and raucous rock and roll! Kay Sera emceed and debuted her new Klassic with a Kay act, showcasing burlesque’s evolution from a demure stroll to a full-on go-go-rific shimmyfest!

Soundstage and Union Craft Brewing get BAWDY on New Year's Eve!

Soundstage and Union Craft Brewing get BAWDY on New Year’s Eve!

Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “BIG REVEAL”: Kay Sera worked night and day across social media platforms and through direct channels to encourage, cajole, insist and convince folks to contribute to the most ambitious fundraiser to date. And it worked! BHoF beat its goal of $50,000, more than half of which came through people following social media links!

Kay Sera helped lead the charge to raise $50K for Burlesque Hall of Fame!

Kay Sera helped lead the charge to raise $50K for Burlesque Hall of Fame!