2013: A Big, Shiny, Glittery Year for Baltimore Burlesque Performer Kay Sera

November, 2013

Kay Sera is delighted to be next in line for the throne behind the amazingly talented and soon-to-suffer-a-mysterious-accident Sunny Sighed, Queen of Crabs and winner of Trixie Little and Mr. Gorgeous’ Third Annual Baltimore Beauty Pageant! In the fashion program, Kay bow-wowed the judges with her homage to Fifi le Pink Poodle, the mascot of the American Visionary Art Museum’s annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. In the Q&A, Kay’s thoughtful response to the question, “Who would win a knife fight between Baltimore and Detroit?” impressed and likely confused the judges. And who can forget (or unsee) her tribute to Divine and the iconic ending of Pink Flamingos? Which…yes…that’s more or less what happened. Read more about the glittery battle in the Baltimore Post-Examiner , see pictures in the City Paper, read a review from DC Metro Theater Arts and enjoy this great video of the whole shebang!

In her debut as director and producer, Kay Sera was thrilled to be part of the ecdysiast theatrical event, Barbarellesque! More than a themed show and beyond nerdlesque, the Compound Productions 50/50 team created a fully scripted performance followed the film’s delightfully cheesy plot and dialogue and added even more sexy silliness with striptease, song and dance! Don’t take my word for it–check these articles on Barbarellesque and top picks from:

October, 2013

She couldn’t help herself. Kay Sera just had to do it. For Hot Todd Lincoln’s Halloween House of Horrors, she unleashed the most terrifying thing of all: the Internet meme-worm, “What Does the Fox Say?” Witness the answer. And if that doesn’t scare you, how about everyone’s favorite:  a gleeful, smiling, murderously rampaging clown? Sunny Sighed and Bal’d Lightning should’ve been more careful about what they wished for…..So Kay did, indeed, Send in the Clowns.

The cold and imposing shadow cast by Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple battled the heat being generated by the thousands of masqueraded revelers inside its cavernous frame. Warm light from hundreds of candles seeped into the darkness, and the darkness pushed back, sometimes palpably, as doors swing shut, untouched. It’s a dance that went on all night.  As did the Dirty Devils Peepshow at Theatre Bizarre. Invited to perform by Miss Exotic World 2010 Roxi D’Lite, Kay Sera was thrilled to be part of this cavalcade of freakish, fiendish, fabulousness. Check out this write-up in 21st Century Burlesque.

Oh, and, America’s Got Talent came calling, inviting Kay Sera to audition for the show. She politely declined (but was a bit chuffed to have been asked, truth be told.)

September, 2013

Kay Sera was honored to introduce the audience at the Dixie Evans Fundraiser to the facts, lore and legend that was the lovely Miss Dixie and her founding contributions to the Burlesque Hall of Fame. The event, coordinated by Gilded LIly’s Maria Bella, raised nearly $1,000!

Kay Sera was born in Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital in Manhattan, so it was inevitable that she would return in her birthday suit….and bite into the Big Apple as Eve. Oh, see what I did there?!? The highlight of Kay’s New York Burlesque Festival experience was legend Tiffany Carter, after seeing Kay’s act, asking, “Why haven’t we seen Kay Sera on stage in Vegas?” *SWOON!* Best. Compliment. Ever! Although the kind words of 21st Century Burlesque and Burlesque Beat (spoiler alert for BB article!) didn’t exactly hurt her feelings, either!

August, 2013

Inspired to create “ecdysiast theatrical events,” Kay Sera launched Compound Productions 50/50 with Missy Aggravation, Cherie Sweetbottom and Richard Just.

Hot summer nights indeed! Always game for a theme, Kay Sera created a new act for Surrealesque: “Peaches,” juxtaposing the sweet meme of of the cup song with….well, something a little less sweet. The show also marked the return of an oddball favorite, “Strictly Germ Proof.” A unique spoken-word burlesque, Kay Sera recites the Arthur Guiterman poem of the same name while wearing a rabbit costume. Mayhem ensues. Maria Bella, ever the rock-and-roller, joined Kay Sera in “My Ways,” a duet-to-the-death between Frank Sinatra and Sid Vicious.

Whedonism 2 saw Kay Sera in head to toe Zentai enjoying the delicious, mind-controlling goodness of “Fruity Oaty Bars,” a nod to the wildly wacky commercial that activates River Tam in Whedon’s short-lived but much loves Star-Trek-meets-Gunsmoke “Serenity.”

July, 2013

With “Getting Eve In” at the Toronto Burlesque Festival named by Addicted as the event’s “Most Innovative Performance,” Kay Sera can now call herself an internationally acclaimed burlesque performer. And does, every chance she gets, including to random passers-by on the street in broad daylight. “Portraying Eve in the Garden of Eden, this rare reverse-burlesque found the tall and slender Kay taking the stage undressed save for some leafy additions and a long, blonde wig. An apple tree stood centre, and she cleverly manipulated a tempting snake who offered her a fateful apple. Transformation began when she bit, and the shy Eve turned into a smoldering vixen, with the short-haired Kay ending up in a sexy red outfit, leaving behind her a murdered serpent.”

Lannie’s Clocktower, a gorgeous little cabaret in Denver, welcomed Kay Sera for the opening night of the Colorado Burlesque Festival. And what better way to greet a city full of stoners than dressed as a giant marshmallow chick? Thankfully, Kay Sera managed to get back to the hotel relatively unscathed. But there was licking. And some nibbling.

May, 2013

Remember when Kay Sera’s rule was to do only one show a month? Apparently it was more of a guideline than a rule as Kay Sera had five shows, plus the Burlesque Hall of Fame, this month.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is the organization’s largest fundraiser (and Kay Sera’s favorite event). As the BHoF Communications Chair, she drafted dozens of news releases (including templates for all performers and title-winners to use locally), built new social media channels to make certain that this was the first year that BHoF was not “scooped” on its own winner announcements, and launched the “Sparkly Shuttle” to ferry Weekender attendees to the museum. Kay Sera also runs @BHoFBill, a Twitter feed for performers in recovery to help them stay clean and sober during this very party-heavy celebration.

A road trip with Cherie Sweetbottom to Asheville kicked off the Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festival, also known as ABSFest, where Kay Sera led the cooch tent girls in a reunion performance of their Working Woman’s Blues number from Carnivalesque. Sadly, this weekend saw the loss of Sparkly Devil, Kay Sera’s partner on the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s communication committee. Sparkly was also the creator of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Legends Challenge program….

…in support of which Kay Sera joined the talented team of Tilted Torch. DC’s Legends Challenge event raised funds to bring burlesque’s “vintage vixens” to the BHoF Weekender Event to share their experience, wisdom and stories with up-and-coming generations. Kay Sera spent most of the event in a brown wig and red swim trunks, carrying a flotation device, looking like a Baywatch castaway. Asked to explain, she thought it was a “Be Hoff” event and had, she thought, dressed accordingly. Kay Sera then joined Sunny Sighed for an audience-participation-mandatory performance of “We Will Strip You.”

The stunning Howard Theater encouraged Kay Sera’s more classic burlesque side in honor of Cinqo de Mayo. Of course, there had to be a twist. Under one lovely gown was—another lovely gown! For her second act, she donned–then doffed–her best carnivale-inspired headdress and feathers and “Got Happy” with Jerry Lewis.

Some call it nerdlesque, but Kay Sera just calls it love. Hosted by the inimitable Swami YoMahmi, The Star Wars vs Star Trek show gave her the chance to commemorate her Kirk worship by “singing” in the style of William Shatner a parody tune she wrote, “Baby Got Shat.” She also got back to TOS roots with a mind-battle strip-off between Kay Sera’s Talosian and Reverend Valentine‘s Darth Vader. Who needs a Force-choke when you can do a Force-shimmy?

The DC edition of Whedonism 2, produced by the ever-dorky Evil League of Ecdysiasts, saw Kay Sera tear off her clothes after hearing “Miranda” whispered in between choruses of Pizacato 5’s Twiggy Twiggy. Inspired by Monty Python, Kay Sera also wrote the lyrics to “I’m a Browncoat (and I’m okay),” performed by Just Rich in his stage debut.

April, 2013

They said it couldn’t be done (or was it “shouldn’t”)? Well, either way, Kay Sera and Hot Todd Lincoln finally managed to work together again at the April Fool’s Show at the Bier Baron. One animatronic “Hippo” and a John Waters-inspired “Hatchetface” later and the audience knew that Kay Sera was happy indeed to be more than a little bit foolish.

Back from NYC for a whirlwind tour, Baltimore’s own Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey invited Kay Sera to show her Sparkly Bits, and she was more than happy to oblige.

March, 2013

March came in like a lion and went out like an even sexier lion!

Carnivalesque was a full-on Experience, offering mid-way entertainment, including Kay Sera’s alter ego Dr. Richard P. Cochran, Esq., running the ring toss on the midway. “‘Don’t be shy, don’t be scared,’ said the stallion to the mare. ‘I won’t hurt ya and I won’t bite ya. And if you don’t resist, I won’t have to fight ya. So come over here, step right up! Come and take stock. Of Dr. Richard P. Cochran, and my HUGE, giant sign.'”

Kay Sera joined Sticky Buns Burlesque to get sexy and silly with the amazing Gigi & Pop, “Best Variety” winners at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

A tisket a tasket, it was a Basket Full of Burlesque at Chief Ike’s. A sassy and sacrilicious springtime show featured Kay Sera urging the audience to “Repent!” and to enjoy the Easter-sized delight of “Peeps Show.”


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