Barbarellesque SOLD OUT the Creative Alliance!

That’s what happens when you bring burlesque, theater and deliciously cheesy sci-fi together!

Visit the website to see photos, learn more about the cast and crew and find out how to bring Barbarellesque to YOUR town!

Don’t take my word for it–ask the press!

“The Creative Alliance is the place to be Saturday night as Barbarellesque promises an evening of “sexy silliness!”–Baltimore Sun #1 Pick in the Week’s 10 Best 11/16/14

“If it’s cool, there’s burlesque of it…so go check out Barbarellesque to get inspired!”–City Paper “NOW SEE THIS!” Critic’s Choice 11/19/14

“A lot of clothes will come off at the Barbarella-inspired burlesque show at The Creative Alliance. Check out our preview gallery of the show. It’s a hot one!”–Baltimore City Paper 11/17/14

“Barbarellesque has definitely struck a chord among sci-fi fans!”–21st Century Burlesque 11/17/14

“Barbarellesque is sure to bring out the little Galaxy Queen in each of us.”–What Weekly 11/20/14

“This is fantasy come true with not one but FOUR Barbarellas! Strap in, strap on and enjoy the ride!”– 11/13/14

“We’re already blushing thinking about Mr. Gorgeous’ NSFW take on Barbarella, and we probably won’t think of the alien-friendly sexpot in the same way ever again.”–Baltimore Style Magazine, November 2014

“Barbarallesque is particularly exciting. It’s essentially a live-action version of the sci-fi camp classic Barbarella.”–The Baltimore Chop

“If you like burlesque, sci-fi, theater, musicals, boylesque…there is something for everyone [in Barbarellesque].”–DC Metro Theater Arts

Barbarellesque: An Ecdysiast Theatrical Experience is a unique live production of the sexy sci-fi camp classic, Barbarella. Following the film’s script and plot, Barbarellesque highlights the most iconic moments with song, striptease and variety performances. With dynamic sets, custom sound- and light-scapes and high-flying action sequences, Barbarellesque is sure please fans of the movie and novices alike!



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