OMG Smoky Mountain Burlesque Fest

I’m not a fan of post-event social media bukaki. Every show can’t be, “OMG, guys, best ever!” And it’s not likely that every performance will result in, “Mind. Blown!” To me, that’s lazy and disingenuous, and creates a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” atmosphere where true inspiration is viewed in the same regard as mediocrity. That said, I’m gonna rub one out for the Smoky Mountain Burlesque Fest.

I’m a process-oriented kind of gal. I write out all my choreo in little spreadsheets. My costume bins are all labeled. When something is described to me as being “organic,” I develop an eye twitch.

But the producers and volunteers at SMBF had their shit buttoned tight. Like, “strippers, you ain’t gettin’ out of that on stage” TIGHT.

Regular (but not overwhelming) emails with clear instructions and timelines. Personalized materials (branded social media pics, itineraries and schedules). A toll-free number for any and all questions. Pretty much on-demand shuttle service to and from wherever, whenever. Not just organized classes, but a prize for those who attend the most. A system of shared accountability for stage kittening that was incredible. MIND. BLOWN.

The list goes on. Sponsors. Media coverage. A fab swag bag. And some damn nice folks. Enthusiastic. Helpful. Courteous. Professional. Sassy.

Hats (and pants and bras) off to producers Dustin and John Camp, and Siren Santina; and to the entire staff and volunteers, too. Thank you. You’ve set the sparkly bar pretty damn high! Congratulations, and my sincere thanks for letting me be part of it.

burlesque banner

Just one of the banners provided for performers’ use

New York Burlesque Festival: Sept 29 – Oct 2

Kay Sera was born on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan (no, really!), and she’s thrilled to be headin’ home for the 14th annual New York Burlesque Festival, presented by Pontani & Thirsty Girl Productions!

Kay will be featured at Thursday night’s Teaser Party at The Bell House, hosted by The World Famous *BOB* and starring an array of incredible performers, from Gin Minsky to Bettina May, from Sizzle Dizzle to EmpeROAR Fabulous, and more!

2016 marks Kay Sera's third appearance at the New York Burlesque Festival

2016 marks Kay Sera’s third appearance at the New York Burlesque Festival

Tickets are on sale now!

Minneapolis Burlesque Festival–October 6 – 9

Holy buckets! Kay Sera will be featured at The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, you betcha! It’s an innovative spectacle featuring showgirls, circus, drag, comedy, live jazz, and the crème de la crème of burlesque!

 Headliners Roxi D’Lite (Las Vegas), Mr. Gorgeous (NYC), Coco Framboise (Toronto), and Ophelia Flame (Minneapolis) will grace the stage with a cast of 100 international performers and local superstars. With five showcases at The Lab Theater, ten classes taught by superstar instructors, and special events at LUSH and Hell’s Kitchen, this year’s festival will be bigger and brighter than ever!

Kay Sera will be featured at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival

Kay Sera will be featured at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival

“Bare” Witness: Titans of Tease Showcase

There are so many fabulous reasons to attend The Burlesque Hall of Fame, but perhaps none more so than the opportunity to ‘bare’ witness to the Titans of Tease Reunion Showcase, featuring the living legends of burlesque

Kay Sera was honored to once again provide coverage of the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s annual Titans of Tease Legends Reunion Showcase for 21st Century Burlesque.

This year’s show featured the most legends ever—which made for a pretty long night. But what a wonderful ‘problem’ to have! Seeing the stateswomen and men of burlesque’s past is a glittery and important vibrant reminder of not only our shared history, but our individual and collective future. As the show’s long-standing emcee, The World Famous *BOB*, put it, “These women didn’t just pave the road—they moved boulders.”

See the complete article here, and please consider making a donation to the BHoF Legends Challenge Fund to help bring these vintage vixens to the Las Vegas stage.

Dusty Summers from the 2016 BHoF Titans of Tease showcase. Photo by Richard Just

Dusty Summers from the 2016 BHoF Titans of Tease showcase. Photo by Richard Just

John Waters’ 70th Birthday!

Kay Sera was delighted to be asked by the Baltimore Sun to participate in a star-studded birthday wish for the one and only John Waters!

It may seem hard to believe, but Baltimore’s proudest Bad Boy, film director/author/actor/raconteur John Waters, embarks on his eighth decade today.

In celebration of this milestone in both physical and cultural longevity (even harder to believe — he made his first movie, “Hag In a Black Leather Jacket,” more than 50 years ago), we asked 30 of his best friends to take a moment to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Hope you’ll agree that Hatchet Face’s finale struck just the right (wrong) chord! Enjoy here! 

Kay John Waters video tinyurl happybdayJW



Why “Huh”? Because. What?!?

“It’s an honor just to be nominated.” Well, sort of, sure! The not-at-all-coveted, arguably kind-of-back-handed “Huh?” Golden Pastie (for the performer most skilled in leaving the audience unsure of what they just witnessed) is a fun and silly thing–just like burlesque! And so in that spirit, here are some fun and silly images! See all the “winners“!